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Cottages at Ridgeview Home Owners Association Inc.



Initial filing 20 Sep 2001, Reception # 201136925

Business Address: Bennett-Shellenberger Reality, Inc., 1710 Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, 471-1703

This is the Cottages at Ridgeview HOA official method of owner notification. 


  Security - Legal Information 


Cottages HOA provides no contract security to our 300 homes. 


Owners are responsible for their own safety.


Programs are available as Neighborhood watch program offered by Springs Police at  City of Colorado Springs/Police/Crime Prevention & Neighborhood Watch at their web page.  http:/www.coloradosprings.gov.


Personal safety information is available as City of Colorado Springs/Police/Crime Prevention & Neighborhood Watch web page.  http:/www.coloradosprings.gov


The Springs Police web page offers crime prevention and information at City of Colorado Springs/Police/Crime Prevention & Neighborhood Watch web page. http:/www.coloradosprings.gov    


  Phone calls and emails  



You may not get an individual email or phone call returned when many of the same are received. I try to post here or in the FAQ's to answer your questions.


A "CALL LOG" web page is now available to see your calls have been received and response.




  Parking in the street  



UPDATE:  Master HOA sent out a newsletter stating they no longer are enforcing parking.


Issue:  Master HOA enforcing parking in the street.    Master has stated it must enforce the covenants as it states no parking in the street. This is not true. The board can vote not to enforce a rule (verified by lawyers).   Master board stated they have delegated street enforcement to  the townhome sub-HOAs.

Argument 1:  Master board president stated they checked with their lawyer who stated the Master can delegate enforcement to the sub-HOA.   Yes, they can delegate.


Ops........but you have to already have an signed agreements with each sub-HOA already in file that states the sub-HOA has agreed to enforce in place of the Master.  All the Master did was check with their lawyer that the CAN POSSIBLLY DELEGATE.  Master never contracted/agreement with any sub-HOA for street parking enforcement.  So, Master must enforce the rule on all or none.


Argument 2:  An HOA can delegate enforcement to the sub-HOA.  But, the Master HOA contract/agreement with the sub-HOA's can only agree to enforcement to the area of responsibility dictated by the sub-HOA governing documents.


I looked at the land plat for all sub-HOA's.  Looking at the land plat for our area clearly shows the townhomes are its own filing, and that the sub-HOA's do not include the public street surrounding all the sub-HOA.  This means the public streets surrounding all sub-HOA's are not within the area of responsibility to enforce any HOA rules of that sub-HOA.  It would require each sub-HOA 67% of that sub-HOA owners votes to change the CCR's to include the public streets surrounding that HOA so that board can then enforce public street parking.   


Ops......that means the Master HOA cannot delegate street parking enforcement to none of the townhomes HOA's.


Conclusion:  I told the Master board, If you ask a lawyer a specific question, the lawyer will get you a specific opinion based upon your question, but that may not be the answer you need.


By law, what a HOA cannot legally do is not enforce a rule unequally among its members. It cannot fine some of its members, and not other members.  (Legal term - selective enforcement)  So, by assuming it can delegate to a sub-HOA enforcement parking without written contract/agreement with sub-HOAs already in file, the board has to throw out all parking violations for the last three years.  You must file a claim to get back all fines, late payment fees, and interest re-credited to your owner account that was cause by issue.    


For the Cottages HOA, it does means an contract/agreement with the Master to delegate street parking enforcement to the Cottages HOA (its within our governing documents) agreement can be signed for all the streets internal to the Cottages.  The streets of Tutt, Snowy River, Poudre, and Article are streets external to Cottages and cannot be part of the agreement.

  Change in procedures


For Cottages HOA assestments, contact:

Bennett-Shellenberger Realty, Inc.

1710 Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Ph 719-471-1703


For architectural and covenant, contact:  Ridgeview at Stetson Hills Master Homeowners Association Web site address:  http://www.stetsonhillshoa.com/




  Reminder: No quarterly statements billings


No quarterly statements are mailed anymore to save money (see "Latest News".  Annual statements were mailed with payment coupons in the Annual Members meeting packets sent in October two weeks prior to the scheduled Annual Meeting.  Coupons are now available for download on the "FORMS" page.




  Friendly reminder for Summer 




Window Air Conditioners and Swamp Coolers are not allow in the Cottages at Ridgeview HOA.  They are also not allowed in any of the over 3300 homes located in the Stetson Hill area HOA's bound by Tuff and Stetson Hills Blvd.  




Cottages History




Cottages HOA includes 300 homes that are bordered by Tutt Bl. on the west, Poudre Way. on the east, Snowy River Dr on the south, and Article Dr on the north. The homes were built by Melody Inc which is now DR Horton Inc. Cottages HOA is a sub-association of the Stetson Hills Master HOA. 

Melody purchased the land known as Filing 9 from the Stetson Hills developer to build the “Cottage” series homes. Melody later purchased Filing 11 to build the “Celebration” series homes. Melody then annexed Filing 11 to Filing 9 to lower the HOA assessments for Filing 9 home owners. The homes on Hartman, Grand Mesa, and Poudre are the “Celebration series". Home sales slowed, so Melody completed Poudre Way and Baxter Dr. with the “Cottage” series homes. 

Melody Homes developed home in the Denver area.  This development was their in Colorado Springs.  Melody first established the sub-association to take care of the additional amount landscaping that the Master HOA should not maintain.  It was also claimed that the "alley" was an additional cost.  This is a public alley in the city of Colorado Springs, and is maintained like any other public street in the city.  

You can make the comparison yourself to the additional landscaping areas on streets of Dublin, Windom Peak, and Shimmering Creek.

Mail Boxes


Ever wonder why the mail boxes are where they are?  When the plans were developed and street were laid out, the USPS determined where they wanted the mail boxes.  Using eminent domain, the USPS place the mailbox on the side of homes (on those owners property and you have no say because of eminent domain) on the streets of Bergen, Colona, and Morse Bluff.  As owners, you are responsible to maintain that property even though the mail boxes are there.  

The mail boxes at the end of Morse Bluff near Tutt are on the Cottages HOA common area maintained by the HOA landscaping contract.


Owner that have corner lots 



That strip of land between the sidewalk and street belong to "you" the owner of the corner lot. 

If you pull out those documents that came from the Title Company and measure the distance, you will find you are responsible to the edge that meets the concrete curb and the blacktop.  Melody Homes out of the kindness of their hearts landscaped the strip of land with rock between the sidewalk and the street so you would not have to since the original owner paid a premium to own a corner lot.  Was that not nice of them?

This means you are responsible to remove the weeds that grow in your rocks and the weeds that grow in the street between the concrete curb and blacktop. 

These homes boarder Snowy River, Article, Bergen, Colona, and Morse Bluff.  The expeptions are the homes on the corner of Rockview and Morse Bluff and homes on the corners of Scottsbluff and Morse Bluff.





















Latest News:


Dec 2019: No increase in dues.  Quarterly dues of $34.60 remains the same.  In case you missed placed your payment coupons:  

2020 Payment coupon ($34.60 per qtr)

2020 Budget

2019 Oct Balance Sheet

2019 Oct Income-Expense Report


Dec 2018: No increase in dues.  Quarterly dues of $34.60 remains the same.  In case you missed placed your payment coupons:  

2019 Payment coupon ($34.60 per qtr)

2019 Budget

2018 Nov Balance Sheet


Dec 2017: No increase in dues.  Quarterly dues of $34.60 remains the same.  In case you missed placed your payment coupons:  

2018 Payment coupon ($34.60 per qtr)


Nov 2017: A 3 story storage building will be built north of the medical buildings. The plans were approved by the city in Nov 2017.  


Mar 2017: The 2017 documents can be obtained clicking on the links below:

2017 Payment coupon

2017 Budget

2016 Dec Balance Sheet


Dec 2015: Cottages annual membership meeting is 21 Dec, 12PM at the Stetson Hills Police station on Tutt Blvd.  Annual Member  packets have been mailed.  Included is the 2015 budget, balance sheet.  You can get the payment coupon clicking on this link:

2016 Payment coupons

2016 Budget

2015 Oct Balance Sheet


July 2015: With every summer, people do not take care of thier yards.  This is an annual occurence.  The extra rains this year has made the problem worse.  Forclosure of homes has made the problem worse for our area.  Please call or email addresses of issue.  


Dec 2014: Cottages annual membership meeting was schedule for 20 Dec 2014 at CS Police substation on Tutt Blvd at 12PM.  A membership meeting could not be held as there was no quorum of membership.  Only four persons attended with two proxies.  Memo for Record is under Annual Meetings


Nov 2104:  Cottages annual membership meeting for 20 Dec packets will be mailed.  Included is the 2015 budget, balance sheet.  You can get the payment coupon clicking on this link:

2015 Payment coupons

2015 Budget

2014 Oct Balance Sheet


October 2014:  Master HOA has mailed letters making statements about the Cottages HOA.  Cottage HOA is functional, collects assestments, pays it bills to accountant, bookkeeper, water/electric bill, landscaper bill, filed state and federal taxes every year.   The Master HOA emails us and we repsond as to status of maintenance of  the property the Cottages HOA is responsible.   Please see FAQ - Master Letter for info.


August 2014: a WALMART Neighborhood Market that is 41,117 square foot is planned for the south side of the corner of Article and Tutt.  The city planner, Steve Tuck, 719-385-5366, stuck@springsgov.com has received land development application.  Comments must be submitted by 22 Aug 2014.   Planned opening is October 2016.


The plans can be found at www.springsgov.com

enter AR DP 14-00488. If you have a hard time find it, the just click on the link below:



The plan also include the lot plan AR DP 14-00487.



August 2014: There is a CALL LOG page for persons to see your calls have been received and response.  


June 2014:  It appears the Master HOA has reversed it position of not fining street parking in the Cottages HOA.  The Cottages HOA will pursue the documented process of hearing and arbitration.   Hopefully the Master provides it lawyers opinion to substantiate the Master HOA position and the written agreement to each of the sub-HOA's to enforce in place of the Master HOA.   The president hinted that their lawyers advised the board that it is legal to delegate enforcement to the sub-HOA (of public street parking). 



Dec 2013:  Membership meeting could not be held as there was no quorum of membership.  Only four persons attended.  Memo for Record is under Annual Meetings or can be downloaded here:   2013 Annual Meeting Minutes.


Dec 2013:  Membership meeting set for 30 Dec 2013 at 6:00PM at Stetson Hills Police substation on Tutt Blvd.  2014 Payment coupons can be downloaded here:   Payment Coupons 2014 or under "Financial Documents".


Dec 2013:  Circle K is being built on the corner of Tutt and Dublin:  Plans have been submitted to the City Planner to build a 24/7 Circle K with eight gas pumps. The plans can be found at http://eoc.springsgov.com/ldrs/, Enter AR DP 13-00526 and AR FP 13-00527. The layout of the Circle K store/gas station will cover the land from Dublin to Article. 


Apr  2013:  The Cottages HOA is still financially responsible to maintain the grass area and fences for the externa areas of Snowy River, Tutt Blvd, and Article Dr.   This expense is for watering and landscaping that is required by state of Colorado.  


Jan 2013:  Thanks for the hard work by volunteers, the Master HOA now has taken over the covenant control and architectural approvals.  They will not be fine for street parking as they know owners issues.  Since we pay for this service anyway in our dues for the Master, this will keep our HOA dues from the $25,000 to pay for duplicate management company that was never needed.  We no longer need persons to volunteer to accomplish these functions.  This is one more step working to get our HOA to become non operational as it is impossible to dissolve an HOA. 


Dec 2012: The budget is the same as well as payments.  Coupons can be downloaded here:

Payment Coupon 2013


May 2012: Spring is upon us.  Formal notices will be sent out after Memorial Day weekend for violations.  This will allow those the holiday week end to do yard maintenance.  Friendly reminders will be sent before that date reminding owners of thier responsiblity.   


Updated FAQ with question and information asked by owners.   


Jan 2012: The budget is the same as well as payments.  Coupons can be downloaded here:

Payment Coupon 2012


Notice will be sent out as current director terms have expired and all 5 positions are need to be filled.  Anyone interested in being a director, please email the HOA.


I have found some links broken for some reason.  I will be going back and correcting.


The have been some complaint of owner of neighbors.  While those that file the complaints feel that immediate notification should be sent, the current board is not sending any notification unless those complaints have been validated either by other owners filed complaints or verification by the board.   Also, due to high bankruptcy rates causing vacant homes, those home cause a loss of income that is not recoverable by the HOA, so the city code enforcement has been used to force the banks to maintain the properties.


Nov 10:  The Annual Meeting was held, but only 9 members showed up and 6 proxies.  Because of no quorum of membership, no official meeting could be held.  This attendance number is normal when the dues are not increased. 


The Annual Meeting is 27 Oct 2010 at 6:30PM at the Stetson Hill Police Substation, 4110 Tutt Blvd.


The new web page is up and it only costs $80 per year compared to the old board paid over $1200 per year. 


Immediately after the new board was elected in Nov 2009, new board took over and decreased the $65,000 budget by over $25,000 by dropping the expensive management company and taking over violations.  The new board also dropped the old management company web page that was charging us over $100 per month.  To save even more money the mailings were cut from quarterly to once a year (cost of letters, envelope, and stamp).  This is why as soon as you new board took over, your dues dropped from $54.60 to $34.60 per quarter for 2010.  That’s an $80 drop in dues for the year.